The Farmlink Project

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The Farmlink Project is a non-profit working to bring surplus food from farmers to food banks in need across the United States. Its mission is to end food insecurity and food waste. Every $100 they raise can feed three families of four for a month.

The Farmlink Project

What Is The Farmlink Project?

The Farmlink Project works to help feed those impacted by food insecurity. Founded at the beginning of Covid-19, most of the core team leading up to 2022 was college students working virtually. Social media and digital marketing are crucial to helping them move their mission forward and drive donations. As of April 2022, The Farmlink Project has moved over 62,269,991 lbs of food across the United States. They have been featured on The New York Times, Fox News, ABC News, and more.

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The Farmlink Project crypotcurrency donations

Announcing The Farmlink Project accepting cryptocurrency donations

The Farmlink Project newsletter

Policy team email explaining The Farmlink Project's model

The Farmlink Project Ellen Degeneres

Sharing The Farmlink Project's recent feature on the Ellen Degeneres show

62,269,991 lbs of food moved.
40,907,240 lbs of CO2 emissions prevented.
51,833,657 meals delivered.

The Farmlink Project on Instagram
The Farmlink Project on Instagram

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